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updated: January 1, 2002

What is SWLD?

SWLD stands for Shippers Who Like Doggett, and, as the name suggests, we're Mulder/Scully Shippers who are quite pleased with the way Special Agent John Doggett has turned out. We don't see him as a replacement for Mulder at all. Doggett is his own man and plays by his own rules (which are a bit more in line with the FBI's than Mulder's were )

I started the SWLD mailing list as a response to the wave of negativity that engulfed Season 8. Certain parties suggested that if you were a Shipper, then you must inherently hate Doggett. Well, we're living proof that this notion is false! The list is meant to be a haven where everyone agrees on the basics: Mulder and Scully love each other, and Doggett is cool!

In this fanfic archive, you'll find great stories that portray Doggett in a good light and still keep the spirit of the Mulder/Scully Relationship intact. Sometimes the MSR is only implied, but don't's there!

Since each story here is MSR and Doggettfic, the stories won't have their categories listed. However, ratings from G to NC-17 will be provided so you may decide if a story is appropriate for you.


Archiving Policy

Here's a rundown on how stories will and won't get archived:

  • SWLD will archive stories that are submitted directly to the archivists.

  • SWLD will archive stories that give the archive specific permission to do so in its headers.

  • SWLD will archive stories that give all archives permission to do so in its headers.

  • SWLD will archive stories of an author who has been archived here previously.

  • SWLD will archive stories which are found on other topic-related archives (i.e. XFMU, Legacy).

  • SWLD will archive stories in a .txt format, and will not link to an outside webpage.

  • SWLD will not archive stories which do not meet the above standards until the archivist has received the author's expressed permission to do so.

  • SWLD will not archive stories which deny permission to all archives in the its headers.

  • SWLD will not archive stories which do not meet the archiving requirements (see Submissions).

Of course, in all of these situations, the author has the final say in archiving matters. If your story finds its way on to this archive and you do not wish it to be here, a polite email explaining that will be all that's necessary to have it removed. Many of these automatics are put in place simply for ease and speed.

In all cases, archived authors will be notified when an update includes one of their stories.



The X-Files is owned by Chris Carter and Ten Thirteen Productions.  No money is being made; no infringement is intended. The fanfic on this archive is property of its author(s) and may not be reproduced without expressed permission. Site design: 2001-2002 jeri . Portions of this site may be reproduced so long as proper credit is given.

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